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10 Etiquette Rules For You To Practice Today

10 Etiquette Rules For You To Practice Today
You Really Need To Behave Appropriately In Public, Here Are 10 Etiquette Rules For You To Practice Today.

Society demands that whenever you are out in public you conduct yourself in an orderly and appropriate manner. You can’t just go out in public dressed however you like, talking in a loud manner or behaving in an un-becoming way. If you do not conform to the norms of society you will soon find yourself isolated and ostracised.

That’s why it’s important that you know and learn some etiquette rules that will help you adapt to life in public and cope with the expectations of your family, friends, colleagues, employees or employer.

The way you walk, talk, sit, stand, laugh and smile is often scrutinised by everyone and people judge you by the way you present yourself, there is nothing better than a good first impression and you hardly get a chance at correcting a bad first impression.

You can start sending out the right image of yourself by mastering these 10 etiquette rules today.

Friend Of Ours!

When out with a friend and that friend stops to greet their friends, just don’t stand there looking cool! try to say hi!! It’s good behaviour to greet friends of your friend, so you can be friends!!

Meeting Rules

Always avoid the temptation of fiddling with your mobile phone when your are in a meeting. If possible put off your phone or leave it on silent while the meeting is in progress. If you don’t then you are sending out a message of boredom or nonchalance.

Hands On Sushi!

Now this is good news for men, if you happen to be in a Japanese restaurant and you order sushi, you don’t have to bother about using chopsticks as it is permissible for you to use your hands…sorry ladies!

Treat Her Like A Lady!

Have you ever gone out on a date and rather than making your significant-other the sole reason for the date, you instead spend time on your phone? If you have then it might interest you to know that it’s a bad thing to do. Your significant-other would prefer being the center of attraction and not your mobile phone, don’t you think?!

Thank You Won’t Hurt!

It is good behaviour to always express your appreciation to anyone that offers to assist you in anyway, it could be a bell hop or a waiter. Whoever helps you out, just say thank you!

Get Her Coat, Not Her Handbag

Never offer to carry a ladies handbag, it’s inappropriate for a man to do so. You can however offer to take a ladies coat and help her with hanging it on a hanger in a cloakroom for example.

Meet In Person

You need to avoid having conversations of less importance on the phone, it is always better and appropriate to hang out with the person for a face-to-face discussion.

Hush Now!

It is bad manners to raise your voice or laugh out loud in public, apart from the unnecessary attention you draw to yourself, it’s just plain rude!

Respect Pedestrians

Avoid driving fast one rainy day so that you do not inadvertently splash rain water from a puddle on passing pedestrians. Remember to always respect all road users when driving.

Cinema Manners

When you go out to a cinema to watch your favourite movie, it is good manners to face the people seated at the cinema as you attempt to find your seat, this way you can apologise to them for blocking their view. Turning your back on them is rude.

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