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Avatar 2, What To Expect From The Much Awaited Sequel

Fans will be relieved to know that their wishes have been answered and James Cameron's Avatar will now return, but not with just a sequel but three sequels.

When James Cameron’s Avatar movie hit the cinemas it was an instant box office success breaking the record as the highest-grossing film in history raking in a total of $2.7 billion. The success of the original movie has had movie goers spellbound in anticipation of a sequel. It seemed inevitable therefore that Cameron would appease the yearning of Avatar fans worldwide with a sequel to this very innovative and thought provoking movie.

Fans will be relieved to know that their wishes have been answered and James Cameron’s Avatar will now return, but not with just a sequel but three sequels. Yes, three installments of the hit movie will be released in quick succession further raising the anticipation level sky high.


Avatar 2 Out In December 2020!

The first of the three installments of the Avatar movie is due for release in December 2020. That’s just two months away! Absolutely, you asked for the sequel and now you are getting it before the end of the year 2020. 

Any News About The Location Of Filming?

The sequels are believed to have been filmed simultaneously on location in New Zealand and also over a period of nine grueling months.

Is There Any Clues As To What To Expect From Avatar 2?

The scripts of the three Avatar sequels were written at the same time and the sequels are expected to be centered around the mystical planet of Pandora. It is expected that the sequels will have lots of plots as well as sub-plots with many characters introduced to make for a really exciting movie prospect in the offing.  The fourth Avatar movie is expected to be a stand-alone and act as a grand finale to the Avatar story.

Neat right?! 

Any News About The Casts?

Clash of the Titans star, Sam Worthington is expected to reprise his role as Jake Sully and Zoe Saldana will return as Neytiri for all three sequels. Alien trilogy heroine, Sigourney Weaver is also expected to return as Grace Augustine while Stephen Lang will feature in the sequels as the character known as Miles Quaritch.

James Cameron is known for having a penchant for sticking with actors he has worked with in the past and Bill Paxton is one actor who had worked with Cameron in movies like True Lies, Titanic and Aliens, he is believed to be part of the upcoming Avatar sequels.

What Should Fans Expect?

Avatar fans worldwide should expect an all action sequel in December, full of new intriguing characters and exciting plots and sub-plots in a make believe world of unbelievable scenery, imaginative creatures and mind boggling sound. The sequels are expected to raise the Avatar franchise into the sort of cult following that other sci-fi movies such as Star Wars and Star Trek enjoy.

You can expect a lot of Avatar merchandise on sale prior to the release of the sequels and even more right after, especially with the timing for the release of the first sequel. The anticipated Christmas and end of year spending by fans on Avatar souvenirs and toys is sure to take the Avatar franchise to unprecedented levels of success.

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