Here Are Secrets About Google You Probably Never Knew

Secrets About Google
While you can probably get to know just about anything concerning this brand from checking Wikipedia for example, there are some little secrets about Google....

Where would the Internet be without Google? That’s a question that further adds credence to the overwhelming influence Google has on the Internet and shows just how big this mega-brand is.

While you can probably get to know just about anything concerning this brand from checking Wikipedia for example, there are some little secrets about Google that you may not be aware of. Here are a few that would surprise you.

Stan The T-Rex!

Stan The T-Rex!
Stan The T-Rex!

Google has a life sized T-Rex named Stan, this is no secret but what you may not know is that Stan was actually a real Tyrannosaurus Rex. That’s right!

At the Google headquarters the T-Rex fossils were discovered and the bones were put back together, now Stan is a prominent feature at the Google campus and will give Jurassic Park a run for their money if put to a contest.

Google = $1 Million = SOLD? = Are You Kiddin’ Me!

Did you know that back in the ’90s Yahoo and Excite had the opportunity to buy Google for a mere $1 million? You heard me right the first time!

For $1 million Google would have belonged to either companies, however they declined the offer and now Google is worth over a staggering $500 billion, ouch! Talk of missed opportunities!!

Google Isn’t A Feline Lover

Apparently Google prides itself as a dog company rather than a lover of cats. This is also incorporated in their corporate ethos and this is seen in their corporate policy. Where in point five of their policy they state that they like cats but are however a “dog company” and even go on to state that if cats had a chance to visit their company they would be frustrated. All I can say to this is – whoof!

Google Doodle Were Initially Out-Of-Office Notifications

Google Doodles
Google Doodles

I haven’t met one person who doesn’t love Google Doodle. If you have never heard of the Google Doodle chances are you have seen it but never knew what it was or all about. The Google Doodle is where Google replaces it’s popular logo with an animated feature depicting an event or in honour of a special occasion. This brilliant idea was initially used by Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page as an out-of-office styled notification.

This innovation was first introduced in 1998 when the two founders of Google were scheduled to attend an occasion known as the – Burning Man Festival and in order to ensure that people were aware of this they decided to alter the logo of the Google search page with an icon of the Burning Man.

Neat right?

Why Hire A Gardener When You Can Get Goats, Right!

Google may be a multi-billion dollar enterprise but they also are one of the weirdest. One of their “innovative ideas” includes getting goats to help in mowing their lawn rather than hiring a gardener. This goat for hire policy began in 2009 and since then anytime there is need for the lawn at Google HQ to be cut, all they do is hire goats to do the job.

Google’s Logo Was Once Fixed By Steve Jobs

While Google makes no pretence liking Apple nor does Apple like Google, there comes a time when the gauntlet would have to be laid down.

Vic Gundotra who works for Google stated once that he had received a call from Steve Jobs who was not satisfied with the appearance of the yellow colour of the second “O” in Google’s logo. According to Vic, Steve Jobs did not like the way it appeared on the screen of the iPhone smartphone out at the time. He said that Steve Jobs had already instructed an engineer to correct this as he called it – “urgent issue” for Google.

Talk about being proactive!

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