How To Get Your Kids To Sleep Early At Night

how to get your kids sleep early
Kids these days tend to won't to stay up all night to watch television, play video games or browse the Internet.

Kids these days tend to won’t to stay up all night to watch television, play video games or browse the Internet. 

This is quite common with teenagers who would lock themselves up in their rooms all night only coming out to have dinner and then going back to their rooms to continue their chats on a social media platform, playing a video game or watching television. 

This habit has led to children lacking the adequate levels of concentration at school and in some cases even falling asleep during classes. The habit of staying awake for most of the night to do other stuff rather than study has caused kids to have poor grades in school.

So How Do You Get Your Kids To Sleep Early At Night?

The first thing you need to remember is that as long as your children are still kids you have complete control over them and over their activities in your house. 

Start By Laying The Rules

You are the parent or legal guardian so legally you have the right to dictate what happens in your home and what your kids can or can’t do. You have to lay down rules on when they are expected to be in bed.

Enforce These Rules

You may seem overbearing but that’s what it takes to keep your children in line. Kids are naturally keen to do their own thing but you have to enforce discipline in your home. You can secretly check on them from time to time to make sure that they are sleeping when they are supposed to and if they are caught toying with their smart phones, computers and other gadgets then you have the right to punish them by grounding them from using these gadgets for some time.

Talk To Them

Some kids like to be addressed like adults even though they are not yet 18 years of age and are still legally kids, but teenagers can be a handful and some can be really rebellious, so rather than yell at your teenage son or daughter, sit them down and have a mature talk with them. Let them know that they have to behave in your home as long as they are still under your roof also inform them that they could be doing their academics a lot of harm if they over indulge in trivial activities at the expense of their studies.

Save Power

Now for a more drastic move you might want to kill two birds with one stone by cutting off the electricity from your switch box at a particular time of the night. You get to save loads of money in electricity bill payments and also to stop your kids from spending too much time on their gadgets rather than sleeping.

This may be a little drastic but at times desperate situations call for desperate actions and when a child is proving difficult you will have to match that child in wit and cunning.

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