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Natural Homemade Recipe For Combating Insomnia And Sleeplessness Problems

If you have trouble sleeping at night and you are tired of swallowing commercial sleeping pills, you can try a simple natural homemade recipe.

Nowadays the daily demands of family life and work has put a lot of strain on people and has made them to spend long hours everyday just to try to make ends meet.

This commitment to work has caused a large number of people to have sleeping disorders such as insomnia and sleeplessness.

The irony is, for you to perform at an optimal level at work you will need to be fully focused on the job and be both physically and mentally strong.

Imagine falling asleep on the job and you are caught by your employer or worse still, imagine falling asleep while driving your vehicle to work or driving a forklift at work.

Scary stuff right?!

These examples may seem unbelievable but these scenarios are real and cases like these have occurred simply due to the tiredness of the individual in question.

Our bodies are not designed to function for 24 hours at a time and nature has ensured that we need to shut down for some hours in order to be refreshed and revitalised.

Sleeping at the right time is therefore necessary for you to be full functional at work and at home.

If you frequently work at periods when you should be sleeping, your body will adjust itself to the change in your sleeping pattern and rather than sleep at the normal time everyone sleeps, you will be sleeping at odd times and moments that could lead to serious accidents.

If you have trouble sleeping at night and you are tired of swallowing commercial sleeping pills, you can try a simple natural homemade recipe that will help you fall asleep and combat your insomnia problems in no time at all.

What Is Required To Make This Recipe?

Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt
Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt

All you need are two simple to acquire and cost effective ingredients namely;

  • Pink Himalayan sea salt – a single teaspoon
  • Organic honey – 5 teaspoons

Here’s how to make and use this amazing recipe.

  • What you need to do is to mix the organic honey and pink Himalayan sea salt in a glass jar.
  • Take 1/2 a teaspoon of the recipe before you go to bed.
  • If you find this mixture difficult to consume as it is, you can put the required dosage in a cup and mix it with some warm water, stir it well and then drink it.

You can take this recipe daily as the pink Himalayan sea salt is healthier than your regular table salt and has over 84 natural minerals that have not been altered by any processing like your regular table salt.

Once you start taking this recipe you will immediately start to notice that your quality of sleep will improve.

You will sleep soundly and this will ultimately influence the quality of your work, as you will be able to put in more effort and work with the required alertness necessary to achieve your given tasks.



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