We Want Quaid-e-Azam’s Pakistan!

We Want Quaid-e-Azams Pakistan
Man thinks that this Pakistan is not according to the idea of Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

This is Ikram ul Haq. He stands on the liberty, round about once or twice every week with this banner ‘We Want Jinnah’s Pakistan’. He joined the Pakistan Movement in 1944. ‘1947 main phir hamain Pakistan mil gaya’, he said. Seventy years after the independence, Ikram ul Haq is still standing strong fighting for what he believes in.

We want Quaids Pakistan
We want Quaids Pakistan

Speaking to him was a delight. He was protesting in such heat and remained patient and steadfast. This man has achieved in one lifetime what most of us cannot even think of achieving. His hard work and determination shows in his story. He started off his career in 1952 as a junior clerk and retired in 1988 as the Managing Director of Pakistan State Oil.

When I spoke to him, he told me he treats every girl like his own daughter because he wishes he had one of his own. I wish he reads this and knows that he is an inspiration to all the youth including the daughters of the country. We are truly grateful for what you have done for us, Sir.

His message:

We want Jinnah’s Pakistan where

1. there is no chance of Military Dictatorship

2. there is only Democracy

3. there is no Poverty & Hunger

4. every Citizen Earns according to his/her skill

5. all Resources needed for people’s Life & Sustenance are not controlled by one party/person

6. there is Happiness, Prosperity, Love and Peace

7. there is no Corruption, Robbery and all are Accountable under the Law

8. there is no Killing in the name of Religion and is devoid of Sectarianism

9. there is Tolerance, Love and Compassion among people

10. there is brotherhood and all have the Opportunity to Succeed

11. all citizens have Same Educational Opportunities

12. all including state employees Speak the Truth