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Why You Need To Stop Picking Your Nose Especially In Public

Stop picking nose in Public
Everyone tends to have a nasty habit or two, but most times we try to hide these habits in the confines of our home where no one would know.

Everyone tends to have a nasty habit or two, but most times we try to hide these habits in the confines of our home where no one would know.

The reason why we normally would do this is because at home we feel more relaxed and secure knowing that no one is watching us, except maybe our family members, but that really wouldn’t matter because you still feel like you are in your zone and you can basically do what you want without the fear of repulsion or scrutiny.

One filthy habit a lot of us are used to doing is picking our nose. This habit can be impulsive for most people and the involuntary urge to stick their index finger in their nostrils happens without a second thought whatsoever.

Why Do We Pick Our Nose?

This obnoxious habit of nose picking can be as a result of both a physical and a psychological reaction.

If you have an itch in your nostrils or maybe some dry mucus clinging to your nostril hairs, you might feel the need to pick your nose.

This is only natural right?!

However, you could also have a compulsion to pick your nose when you are under stress, fearful, anxious or nervous. These are psychological reasons why people may be compelled to pick their nose just like some people bite their finger nails when they are stressed out.

While biting your finger nails just like picking your nose is a bad habit, picking of your nose in public tends to be pretty obvious and less tolerable than nail biting.

Why You Should Avoid Picking Your Nose In Public

If you are fond of picking your nose in public you might want to stop this nasty habit after reading this.

When you pick your nose in public you are likely to lose out both financially and socially without even knowing it.

Here’s how you could lose out!

Picking Your Nose In Public Is A Real Turn-Off

No matter how physically attractive you are, the moment you are caught picking your nose in public that admirer usually tends to be given a reality check and without even speaking to you he or she concludes that you must be a dirty person and they lose interest quicker than they can get your name.

Prospective Employers Won’t Hire You

If you are seated in front of a prospective employer and during the interview you start picking your nose, you are not likely to secure that dream job regardless of your qualifications. Picking your nose while in an interview reveals a lot about your character and no employer would want to take the risk of hiring you.

You’ll Lose Friends Fast!

If you are wondering why whenever you walk into a room of your peers they all stand up and walk out or when you want to give that mate of yours a handshake he rudely declines, it could be as a result of your nose picking habits.

If you persist with this habit you are likely to lose friends fast, so stop picking your nose today and enjoy a much better social life.

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